Here’s to Doing Something New!

Kathi Fox News

Last week decided it was time to get busy fixing up my little pull-behind trailer for art supplies for my art classes.  Found several people who can possibly help me with the renovation.  First step: get the tires pumped up to proper pressure for driving.  Tonight first time in all my years of driving, to pull something behind.  Very empowering, to learn how and do something new!  Did squish right bumper a bit, but I got trailer back into the same place it was sitting before.  Learning, good for good brain health.  Ciao.

"Apple Tree in Bloom at Sunrise"  10" x 8" acrylic on watercolor paper

New Painting

Kathi Fox Paintings

Goal of doing one small painting daily/weekly going well so far.  This next one is something I had idea for a long time ago, when I first started using acrylics.  Never did complete the first attempt due to frustration with the medium.  “Apple Tree in Bloom at Sunrise” turned out just as I imagined.  So excited, ready to go on to the next!

Snow Scene by Kathi Fox

Daily Painting

Kathi Fox Paintings

Have sooo many ideas and thumbnail sketches in my sketch book.  Would really like to get to these compositions.  Had heard of doing a painting a day; checked out a few websites.  Decided I needed to paint in smaller format, just to be able to get it done quicker.  Will be doing 8″ x 10″, no smaller, as it gets harder to see details and maintain control. First composition, “Snow Scene”, done for my art class.  Took 3 days to complete to my satisfaction.  Guess this will be a painting a week.  That’s OK with me.  Painting daily, I should be able to finish a work in the same week as when I started it. Reminds me of line in a song “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go”.   Putting me in the Christmas spirit already