Welcome to Zircon Productions,
featuring the artwork of Kathi Fox

This is the website where you can view and  purchase her creative endeavors, as well as get information about art shows where she exhibits, classes she teaches, and more.

Kathi has always loved drawing and did well in art class in school.  As a child she quite often had a project going at home.  In planning studies in school with a future career in mind, she recalls, “I had to make the decision which route to go:  art or science.  I chose science.”  Kathi has been in the natural health field as a Naturopathic Practitioner since 1992.  In recent years, she has gone through much personal growth.  To the questions, “If you had only 6 months to live,” or “If you knew you couldn’t fail,” or “If money were no object,” what would you do?  The answer was always, “I would paint.”
Since 1989 Kathi focused on studying art and painting as a hobby.

Kathi Fox art menifee

Since 2007 she has been developing her business as an artist.  She works out of a studio in her home in Romoland, California.  She says, “It has always been my dream to be an artist.  This is what I am going to spend the rest of my life doing.  Even though I am starting later in life, I am determined to be a full-time, working, salable artist.”  She sees herself as the next Grandma Moses, although Kathi is not as old as that famous artist was when she began to paint.  Kathi also aspires to emulate Gertrude Morgan, who placed scripture from the Holy Bible in her paintings and biblical depictions.

The artist of Zircon Productions gets ideas from various places for her paintings-  nature and the environment, dreams, hearing a song, hearing or reading a Bible verse, her own active imagination have all been sources of inspiration. Kathi says, “I have hundreds of sketches waiting in the wings.”

Her style is representational but varies between mostly realistic, to impressionistic and occasionally abstract.  She says of her artwork, “When I have an idea for a piece, most of the time the specifications are inherent in the composition.  What size, on what surface, even the title comes to me before I begin the creation.”  When asked what medium she prefers, she replies that each image dictates what medium is used, either watercolor, acrylics or pastels.

Kathi’s core belief is that art is a universal language, like music, that every human is able to connect with and understand.  It is a way to bring out the deep inner part of a person, for others to see.  She believes everyone should have something beautiful in their life.  People should have pleasing images around them.  That is why she does her art.  “My goal is to depict the beauty of the world and spread God’s love through visually representing His Word.”

Please browse the Gallery to find the piece that is right for you.  If there is a subject that is particularly dear to your heart, that can be commissioned.  Join Kathi in her Blog on this website to discuss art.  To learn more about Kathi Fox, please go to About the Artist or Accomplishments.